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Cross Plus duo-voetsteunen

In zwart of wit leverbaar.

Till now it was not possible to imagine the comfort and safety for the passenger on a ride with motocross and hard enduro motorcycles.

Most of those motorcycles don't have serial made footpegs for the passenger.

Our Product, an additional footpeg for the passenger, assures a completely new riding experience with motocross and hard enduro motorcycles, and enables best comfort for the passenger.

Special characteristics

  • maximum load: 150 kg per pair,
  • great design,
  • comes in many great colors,
  • perfect fit on the drivers footpegs,
  • easy 3-step installation,
  • highest comfort,
  • more safety for the passenger,
  • option of standing riding,
  • practically indestructible.

NOTE: CrossPlus footpegs are not suitable for extreme rides.
Material used: uncommon, special material, extremely hard and durable.

Fits the following Models: HUSQVARNA (all models since 2000 and some prior)

€ 75,-
Fits all Husqvarna models with these pegs.